Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here’s some news that I think you shouldn’t miss, enjoy!

MoMA: Expanding at all costs?: I recently included an article about the social media campaign to find other ways for MoMA to expand without demolishing the neighboring former American Folk Art Museum building.  This article looks at the philosophy behind MoMA’s previous and future expansions and what that means for preservation.  Well worth the read.

Ancient Europeans mysteriously vanished 4,500 years ago: DNA research suggests that there was a dramatic shift in the DNA makeup of Europeans at this time, thus one group of people suddenly replaced the other.  The cause of this radical shift is unknown, but you can read the article for a couple of theories that could be the explanation.

Agritourism: Where the farm and vacationers meet: A look at the tourism industry that involves going to working farms, ranches, and wineries.  Some of these opportunities have been around for years, but it’s really catching on now.  You can find some statistics about it in this article.

Dismantling History: A Reflection on Salvage: A wonderful blog post from the National Trust for Historic Preservation on architectural salvage written by someone who does the salvage work as well as restoration projects using those materials.

“Hear My Voice”: Smithsonian Identifies 130-Year-Old Recording as Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice: You likely have heard about this by now from one of the many news pieces written about this awesome discovery this week.  This particular article comes from the Smithsonian itself where the disc that contained Bell’s voice is held and finally heard thanks to a collaborative project with partners Lawrence Berkeley National Library and the Library of Congress.  So neat that we now have the technology to make hearing these recordings possible again.


For more stories, check out Bricks + Mortar’s This Week post.


After some contemplation, I’ve changed the tagline of this blog from “Preserving places and the communities that love them” to “Presenting preservation-related issues in an approachable way” to better reflect what this blog is about.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my post on the demolition and salvage of the historic homes in Orlando. If you’re interested in more of the same I blog at

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