Three Months By Car

I am excited to announce the launch of my new project, Three Months By Car!

In 1929, three young women, ages 23 and 25, went on a three-months-long, tri-country road trip. In total they drove 12,353 miles. They autocamped, stayed in hotels, and occasionally stayed with relatives. Taking $450, they returned home to Bridgeport, CT with 47 cents.

Between 2010 and 2011, I wrote my master’s thesis about their trip based on postcards and letters sent home by one of the three girls, my great-grandmother.  The thesis looked at the contents of this mail and used the contents to analyze advice literature on how women should go on road trips and autocamp.

There is so much more of their story to be told.

Now, I am hoping to retrace the path of their trip to:

  1. Analyze the similarities and differences between advice literature from the 1920s and advice literature from today
  2. Document how the places visited in 1929 have transformed or been historically preserved
  3. Learn about what news-making events were happening in each place as the three visited them
  4. See how far $450 will get her along the route
  5. See how far just over $6,000 will get her on the trip ($450 in 1929 inflated to today’s price)

I then plan to turn what I’ve learned, my experiences, and their experiences into a book (along with an expanded version of my thesis).  If I’m lucky maybe even a documentary.  I am currently seeking funding to make this trip a reality, everything from grants to book proposals.  Any suggestions?

I have created a new wordpress blog, twitter account, and facebook page specifically for this project, and wanted to share these with you in case you would be interested in following any and all of these outlets.  I would love the support!

My great-grandmother, Dorothy Guyott.  She had just celebrated her 23rd birthday when she left for her for a three-months-long, tri-country road trip with two of her friends.

My great-grandmother, Dorothy Guyott. She had just celebrated her 23rd birthday when she left for her for a three-months-long, tri-country road trip with two of her friends.

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7 Responses to Three Months By Car

  1. Blanches Place says:

    Would you be willing to share this on Colorado History Directory as well? I’ve liked your pages and Twitter but would love to have your sharing as well on the FB page. What a great adventure and can’t wait to join you on the trip! I think I am going to include this in my newsletter for Blanche’s Place. Keep me posted. THanks

    Best Wishes Dianne Blanche’s Place 1-719-630-0550 1-888-630-0446 WEB:Blanche’s Place NEWSLETTER: Sign up to receive notifications on new items and specials BLOG: Victorian Vintage Musings Like Us On FaceBook!!!!!!!!


  2. Erik says:

    I have been looking into something using a crowdfunding platform. It is different with using a business vs. a charity or, in your case, an individual.

    Here is a pretty good link for some sites that may be beneficial in setting up a means to raise funds.

    Kickstarter might be a good avenue. It’s more creative and project driven especially for individuals. You could use your completed book as the “item” they receive for donating. Some people have some pretty crazy ideas funded. Hope this helps!

  3. What a fantastic project! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Sounds like a cool idea. Have you read much by William Least Heat Moon (Blue Highways is his most famous book)?

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