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Providence Symposium 2012: My Tweets

This is Part 2 on my reflection of the Providence Symposium that I attended on 10/12. If you haven’t read it, you can do so here. As I stated yesterday, I really enjoyed the symposium, but on a minor note, … Continue reading

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Providence Symposium 2012: My Reflections

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Friday portion of the Providence Symposium, entitled Not Always Pretty: Behind the Facade of Historic Preservation in Providence.  It was organized by the Providence Preservation Society and held at the Providence … Continue reading

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Cemetery Exploration: Adena

Soon after visiting the cemetery in Piqua, OH, I got the chance to see the Worthington Family Cemetery at the Adena Mansion in Chilicothe. It has an interesting history, but first a picture. Really not much to look at. Here … Continue reading

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Cemetery Exploration: Piqua, Ohio

Three days before leaving Ohio, I had the chance to explore a cemetery in Piqua, Ohio near Johnston Farm and Indian Agency.  It isn’t a huge cemetery, but it was rather charming, and so I wanted to share these pictures … Continue reading

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Preservation Boards

Today I attended a meeting of the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board to listen to 9 National Register Nominations come up for a vote.  It was the second meeting I’ve been to just because they are open to the … Continue reading

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Lighter Side: Accurate? You Decide

In general, I’m going to try to keep this a casual blog that focuses on topics relevant to the blog’s name with additional items of interest on museums, my travels, and maybe even a book review if I happen to … Continue reading

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Exploration: Zoar Village

As promised in yesterday’s reblog post from the Ohio Historical Society’s blog about Zoar Village making the list of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, here are my pictures from my day in there. In addition each picture is linked … Continue reading

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Thank You!

Wow! What an overwhelming response to last night’s blog post on house museums.  Thank you for the Retweets on Twitter, the shares via Facebook, the link backs in blog posts, and for the new blog follows, blog comments, and conversations … Continue reading

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Protecting Place: Graveyard Edition

I am a huge historic cemetery nerd.  I’ll stop the car when I’m driving, or make whoever else is driving stop, so that I can explore the old stones.  The state of many graveyards and cemeteries disappoints me.  I think … Continue reading

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Exploration: Kelley’s Island

Tuesday saw me up on Kelley’s Island, which was a fabulous outing that involved ferry boat rides, driving around in a golf cart (I now really want a golf cart, so much fun), great architecture, and a cute cemetery.   Overall, … Continue reading

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