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Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here are some articles from this week that you shouldn’t miss, enjoy! Cornish tapped to convert Superman building to apartments: This is a local story for me, and shows why tax credits for Rhode Island should be reinstated or else … Continue reading

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Tragedy and Place

I was going to write a belated Thoughts for Thursday (on Friday!) today, but given the events that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut today, it just didn’t feel right. It feels that I was just writing my thoughts on another tragedy, … Continue reading

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A Cemetery Surprise

This is an example of a cemetery exploration that resulted in having a few spare minutes and making another person take me to a cemetery to look around (thanks mom!).  This cemetery is the Quidnessett Memorial Cemetery in North Kingstown, … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Main Street

I am a big fan of Main Streets, as I am sure many of you reading this are.  Supporting local business is a wonderful thing, and I like going to a place where I either know the person who is … Continue reading

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Cemetery Exploration: Adena

Soon after visiting the cemetery in Piqua, OH, I got the chance to see the Worthington Family Cemetery at the Adena Mansion in Chilicothe. It has an interesting history, but first a picture. Really not much to look at. Here … Continue reading

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9-year-old surpasses $1,000 goal for Detroit lemonade stand

A touching story on how young people can make a difference in their communities. How can we everywhere inspire our children (and adults) to care about the places where they live?

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Roadside Landmarks

When you are on the road a lot, as I have been over the last 10 months throughout Ohio, certain sights on the road become landmarks, signifying some sort of marked progress on your journey.  For me, one such landmark … Continue reading

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In Memory

My heart goes out to all of those suffering as a result of the horror that occurred at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO.  It is not a tragedy limited to Aurora or to Colorado.  … Continue reading

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Exploration: Zoar Village

As promised in yesterday’s reblog post from the Ohio Historical Society’s blog about Zoar Village making the list of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, here are my pictures from my day in there. In addition each picture is linked … Continue reading

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Thank You!

Wow! What an overwhelming response to last night’s blog post on house museums.  Thank you for the Retweets on Twitter, the shares via Facebook, the link backs in blog posts, and for the new blog follows, blog comments, and conversations … Continue reading

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