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Followup Friday

Occasionally when blogging, topics get dropped as new things pop up with the intention of going back to those topics at a later (but not too distant date).  That doesn’t always happen, so this new blog category, launched today, is … Continue reading

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A Building’s Story

This is a reboot of a feature I tried out last month called House Tales.  There wasn’t too much response to the post by way of comments on the post or on my Facebook page.  Maybe it was because many … Continue reading

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House Tales

I, like many of you, enjoy architectural history.  Spending a year conducting architectural field surveys did not deter that enjoyment in the slightest, actually it reaffirmed it.  Part of my survey work included writing a building history for each surveyed … Continue reading

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Preservation Adventure: Cooperstown, New York

This summer, the National Trust for Historic Preservation participated in Pacifico Beer’s Make Adventure Happen promotion.  To raise awareness of their participation in this contest, a portion of $100,000 was up for grabs, the National Trust chose five preservation enthusiasts … Continue reading

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Pocasset Cemetery Cleanup and Stone Resetting

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of volunteering at Pocasset Cemetery in Cranston, Rhode Island for a cemetery cleanup and to reset some toppled stones.  Earlier in October, the dedicated individuals who regularly volunteer at the cemetery and serve on … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday, On Friday: Food Trucks and the Community

Thoughts for Thursday, on Friday.  Like many in the US, Hurricane Sandy, threw me off the first half of this week.  Thank you for your understanding for the delay.  Fortunately for me, life is back to normal, for so many … Continue reading

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In Honor of “Visit a Cemetery Day”

A busy day prepping for Hurricane Sandy prevented me from heading out to visit a cemetery today.  I have been wanting to post a few pictures of a graveyard I visited two weeks ago, so in honor of “Visit a … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday

This Thoughts for Thursday is inspired by the Newport Food Truck Festival that I attended on Saturday at the Newport Yachting Center in Newport, Rhode Island.  Food Truck Festivals of New England organized and ran the event.  I have been … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday: Geocaching in Cemeteries

Last week, I asked what your thoughts were on geocaching in cemeteries.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you can do so here.  I have no idea where this last week went, making it Thursday already, but … Continue reading

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A Cemetery Surprise

This is an example of a cemetery exploration that resulted in having a few spare minutes and making another person take me to a cemetery to look around (thanks mom!).  This cemetery is the Quidnessett Memorial Cemetery in North Kingstown, … Continue reading

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