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Thoughts for Thursday (on Friday): Cemetery Image Problems

This is the followup to my previous Thoughts for Thursday in which I asked you about how a particular cemetery near me can improve its image in the public sphere after a spat of illegal dumping, attempted thievery, and vandalism. … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here’s some news that I think you shouldn’t miss, hope you enjoy! Tale of Richard III’s skeleton is filled with drama-and it’s not over yet: I’ve discussed the discovery of King Richard III’s skeleton under a parking lot on Shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Thoughts For Thursday: Cemetery Trees

This Thoughts for Thursday was inspired by a Facebook post by I think Headstone Haven a while back, which included an article about a centuries-old tree that was going to be cut down to save a headstone. Sorry, I don’t … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

I come across many interesting news pieces over the course of a week. In not wanting to fill up the Facebook newsfeeds of those who like my page (many stories I end up coming across in the same day) and … Continue reading

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