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Thoughts For Thursday: Cemetery Trees

This Thoughts for Thursday was inspired by a Facebook post by I think Headstone Haven a while back, which included an article about a centuries-old tree that was going to be cut down to save a headstone. Sorry, I don’t … Continue reading

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In Honor of “Visit a Cemetery Day”

A busy day prepping for Hurricane Sandy prevented me from heading out to visit a cemetery today.  I have been wanting to post a few pictures of a graveyard I visited two weeks ago, so in honor of “Visit a … Continue reading

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QR Codes in Cemeteries Update

I want to thank everyone who read, tweeted, Facebooked, linked back to, and responded to my last blog post on QR Codes.  I have enjoyed interacting with all of you and will respond to some of you soon, perhaps even … Continue reading

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Cemetery Exploration: Adena

Soon after visiting the cemetery in Piqua, OH, I got the chance to see the Worthington Family Cemetery at the Adena Mansion in Chilicothe. It has an interesting history, but first a picture. Really not much to look at. Here … Continue reading

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Civil War Gravestone Dedication and Memorial Service

Today I attended a lovely ceremony at Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio for a Civil War Gravestone Dedication and Memorial Service.  It was complete with a color guard, Civil War reenactors, and a volley salute.  The weather was perfect … Continue reading

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Protecting Place: Graveyard Edition

I am a huge historic cemetery nerd.  I’ll stop the car when I’m driving, or make whoever else is driving stop, so that I can explore the old stones.  The state of many graveyards and cemeteries disappoints me.  I think … Continue reading

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Exploration: Kelley’s Island

Tuesday saw me up on Kelley’s Island, which was a fabulous outing that involved ferry boat rides, driving around in a golf cart (I now really want a golf cart, so much fun), great architecture, and a cute cemetery.   Overall, … Continue reading

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Where It All Began

What was your “aha” moment? Historic Preservation is one of those fields where there is not necessarily a direct correlation between your favorite class in school and how you ended up becoming involved with historic preservation.  The same can be … Continue reading

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