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Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here is news from last week that I think you shouldn’t miss, enjoy! Pre-Viking tunic found on glacier as warming trend aids archaeology:  Glaciers are shrinking, and even if some are still debating the underlying cause(s), there have been some … Continue reading

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Food Trucks and the Community

This is a continuation of Thoughts for Thursday from November 2nd about food trucks and the community, but as this is not a Thursday, I have dropped the Thoughts for Thursday from the title of this post. I am loving … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday, On Friday: Food Trucks and the Community

Thoughts for Thursday, on Friday.  Like many in the US, Hurricane Sandy, threw me off the first half of this week.  Thank you for your understanding for the delay.  Fortunately for me, life is back to normal, for so many … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday

This Thoughts for Thursday is inspired by the Newport Food Truck Festival that I attended on Saturday at the Newport Yachting Center in Newport, Rhode Island.  Food Truck Festivals of New England organized and ran the event.  I have been … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Main Street

I am a big fan of Main Streets, as I am sure many of you reading this are.  Supporting local business is a wonderful thing, and I like going to a place where I either know the person who is … Continue reading

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9-year-old surpasses $1,000 goal for Detroit lemonade stand

A touching story on how young people can make a difference in their communities. How can we everywhere inspire our children (and adults) to care about the places where they live?

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State Fairs and Community

Starting to settle back in to life in Rhode Island, so I wanted to finally get back to writing about my experience at the State Fair in Ohio.  State Fairs create all sorts of different communities that come together and … Continue reading

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State Fairs and Community, a Preview

Today I went to the Ohio State Fair. I had such a good time and I have a post in the works, but today I thought I would give you a picture preview and save the written post for tomorrow.

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