You can reach me at:

Preservation and Place on Facebook (Please Like my page too!)

PreservationandPlace @ hotmail . com (minus the spaces)


Based in southern New England, but willing to travel for the right project.

6 Responses to Contact

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  2. ljellis2000 says:

    You have been awarded the Illuminating Blogger Award.

    Stop by my blog: Exploring almost forgotten gravesites in Ohio for more details (

  3. Shirley Gentry says:

    I love your blog. I was wondering if the cemetery you speak of is near a certain park. I have family member buried in this area. It is so run down and gross. My husband and I are trying to find a way of having it tended to, however no one will claim responsibility for it.

    • Hi Shirley, and thank you for stopping by. The cemetery I’ve written about is not located near a park, so likely not the same one. If you want to email me at and let me know where that is (include a couple of pictures if you have them), I can work on getting you in touch with someone who can better help you address that cemetery’s issues.

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