Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here are some articles that I think you shouldn’t miss.  Hope you enjoy!

Mexican Cave Art Offers Peek into Pre-Spanish Past: The rock art, discovered in 2006, has not been accurately dated yet, but proves that there were numerous groups of people in an area where no one was thought to be prior to Spanish colonization.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Zahi Hawass:  This is a rather lengthy article, but it is an interesting look into this well-recognized figure (no matter what your opinion of him is).

Ancient discovery set to rewrite Australian history: It reads like a treasure hunt, there’s even a map with an X on it!  Coins found at that X 70 years ago (then forgotten about for decades) could prove that people made it to Australia way before James Cook landed in 1770.

New Study Finds That King Richard III Was Buried in a Hurry: New information about the discovery of his skeleton under a parking lot reveals that his grave was too small, his hands may have been tied together, and that he may have died in “violent humiliation”.  Two groups now want to give him a proper burial.

Meet London’s Master Architects in Jell-o:  Every once in a while I choose to share a somewhat silly story that is still somewhat pertinent and rather neat.  It has “Architects” in the title, that’s my justification this week.  There is also a neat model of St. Paul’s Cathedral pictured in the article, made of orange Jello.


For more, check out Bricks + Mortar’s This Week feature.

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