Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

This is actually a roundup of the last two weeks of interesting preservation/cemetery/architecture/archaeology/etc news articles.

Hangers Help Archives Director Identify Graves: Who knew a pair of metal clothes hangers could help locate graves and determine gender?  Read the article for more info on this dowsing technique, and do let me know if you’ve ever tried it.

Builders Bulldoze Big Mayan Pyramid In Belize: Sadly, you read that right.  SERIOUSLY?!?  There are so many things wrong with this, and there is no way that ignorance on the builder’s part can be claimed-it was one of the largest pyramids in Belize. It’s difficult to look at this loss in any way but shock, but some researchers are trying to find a silver lining.  Head to the end of the article to see what it is.

Has Lost City of Gold Been Uncovered?: Using Lidar (a 3D mapping technique) researchers have found what looks to be foundations and roads, ruins of an old city, in an area of Honduras rainforest.  Airplane flyovers helped capture the imaging, and later this year an archaeological team will make the trek to determine if it is truly the remains of a large metropolis.  Here is a second article on this possible discovery.

Stunning Byzantine Mosaic Uncovered in Israel: The mosaic was a floor of a public building, a building that has no religious affiliation where nearby buildings displayed elements of Christianity.  Archaeologists are still unsure what the purpose of this building was.  They also found pools and piping in front of the building; their purpose is also unknown.

Jensen-Byrd building will be renovated by WSU Spokane: Originally the building was going to be torn down and a new one built to house students.  Opponents to that plan successfully challenged the decision saying it ignored the area’s historic preservation guidelines, and that renovating the building would have greater economic benefits for the area.  WSU listened (yay!) and now the building will be renovated instead.


For more, check out Bricks + Mortar’s This Week post.  Here is last week’s too.


I have updated the conference calendar, adding 2 new ones, and pushing ones that have already happened to the end of the list.

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  1. Wow ! Grave dowsing? So bizarre! Let us know if you try it!!

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