Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here’s some news that I think you shouldn’t miss, hope you enjoy!

Tale of Richard III’s skeleton is filled with drama-and it’s not over yet: I’ve discussed the discovery of King Richard III’s skeleton under a parking lot on Shouldn’t Miss News before, now there is going to be a documentary on the project as well as Y-chromosome testing to definitively prove it’s him (although they don’t doubt it given the results of the mitochondrial testing done prior to their announcement that it was in fact him).

Anthropologist aims to uncover inscriptions on historic headstones: Okay, so this one is not from this week, but I just found it and absolutely love the possibility of using this new program to read very old and worn stones.  I would also love to see this expand to other geographical areas as it develops.

Help wanted: Stonehenge general manager: Need a job? How about working at Stonehenge? Knowledge of Druidic rituals a plus, but you will also be leading the staff of the new visitor center and its volunteers.

Paris cultural center welcomes lawn-mowing sheep: Not only will it cut down on gasoline usage and noise pollution, those at the center hope that the sheep will be viewed as an added attraction by potential visitors.

Preservation Week: Pass It On: April 21-27 is Preservation Week. Click on the link for more info about activities pertaining to the preservation of museum and library collections.


For more stories, head on over to Bricks + Mortar’s blog for the This Week post.

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