A Photograph Revealed: Origins

This is the companion and conclusion to the post I reblogged from Three Months By Car on Wednesday. Hope you have enjoyed a peak into my public history project!

Three Months By Car

In A Photograph Revealed, you saw the following picture of Dotty, Edie, and Ev, ready for their three-month road trip.


I also told you that this photo made its way to me via email from all the way in Sweden.

So just how did this photo end up in Sweden and then find its way back to me?

For that you can (and I definitely do) thank a number of people.  First, is Selma Nilsson, and second, is her brother Janne Nilsson.

Selma Nilsson and her brother Janne Nilsson came to America from Sweden in the late 1800s and spent some time in Elgin, Illinois.  Janne met his future wife, Augusta, there and after they married, they returned to Sweden.  Selma stayed in America where she met and married John Stohl.  They would go on to have four children, including Edith and Evelyn Stohl.

Selma kept in contact with…

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