Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here are five shouldn’t miss news articles from the week, enjoy!

Museum exhibitions come to movie theaters: Although I think it’s great that this has been and will open up museum exhibitions to new audiences, much like showing operas at the movies have, I am skeptical.  What about those people who breeze through versus those that stay and read every label possible?  I’ll have to go and see for myself, but I don’t think I’ll become a convert.  There is just something about actually going to a museum.  What do you think?

Mysterious sundial may be secret to Viking navigation: This partial wooden dial was discovered in 1948 and thought to be more along the lines of a traditional compass, but new research suggests it may have been used to help find latitude and longitude.

Campaign to Crowdsource Ideas for Saving American Folk Art Museum Building: You may have heard by now that the Museum of Modern Art next door to this former museum building wants to tear it down for their expansion (to go with their aesthetic) rather than save this interesting and wonderful architecture.  Many, unhappy with this decision, have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #FolkMoMA to suggest ways to save the building.  What do you think of MoMA’s decision?

Hartland Cemetery Dug Up: Back in 2011, a Vermont home/landowner wanted the cemetery on his property moved closer to the street.  He cited privacy reasons in his request.  I’m not a huge fan of moving cemeteries for any reason, although I can see why it is necessary in some instances, but this is so not one of them.  I wonder if 100 years ago there was a right-of-way written into the deed that dropped off over the years from newly written ones, even though it was still valid.  Anyhow, it happened, and the archaeologists that were required to be there to make sure all remains were moved are now ready to reveal their findings.  What do you think about this?

Thousands of Roman Artifacts Have Just Been Sitting Under London’s Financial District:  I think the article title says it all, but I think it’s really cool that among the 10,000 or so well-preserved finds thus far are pieces of Roman writing tablets.


For more, head on over to Bricks + Mortar and read this week’s edition of This Week.

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