Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here are some articles that I think you shouldn’t miss, enjoy!

Pluto’s Gate to Hell Uncovered in Turkey: This once vaporous site was found at a dig in Hierapolis, where two years ago Saint Philip’s tomb was reportedly discovered by the same archaeologist.  Apparently it’s a very happening site, and if both finds are accurate, how awesome for that archaeologist and team.

Salvagers show off dazzling bounty from 17th-century Spanish shipwreck: The Buen Jesus y Nuestra Senora del Rosario bound for Spain with numerous treasures went down in 1622.  The galleon went down with 7 other ships off the coast of Florida during a hurricane.  Twenty other ships in the fleet made it back to Spain.  The ship was discovered in 1965, but only recently recovered.  Read the article for more on the finds.

World Heritage Site ripped up by quarry: Reports have surfaced that part of the Nazca Lines in Peru were torn up by equipment used by a nearby limestone quarry.  What part exactly has not been specified.  I think a flyover would help determine that, don’t you?


The following two are both blog posts from Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast who I mentioned in my latest Thoughts for Thursday as having recently allowed someone to come onto the property with a metal detector for a one-time detecting opportunity.  The first post is a guest post from the man who did the metal detecting and the second is from Michelle of Belle Grove after the finds were analyzed.

The Hunt and Artifacts Results are in!

I’m so happy for Belle Grove that they had a positive and successful experience with some great finds pertaining to the plantation’s history.


For more, head on over to Bricks + Mortar’s blog for the latest This Week post.

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