Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Knight’s Grave Found Under Car Park: A few weeks ago, I shared articles on King Richard III being found under a parking lot in central England.  This time archaeologists have found a knight in Scotland during an excavation of a building site in Edinburgh’s Old Town.  Not a king, but still very cool if you ask me.

Auction house: We found Titanic violin: This violin was found when the band leader’s body washed ashore after the Titanic tragedy in 1912. After Wallace Hartley was discovered, his violin changed hands a number of times, and even found itself at a Salvation Army.  Despite corosion deposits from the salt water and two large cracks, the violin, estimated to be worth six figures, is in relatively good condition.

Museum Preserves and Displays Historic Cave Drawings: I first learned of the cave paintings at Lascaux in French class and again in Art History and I find them so neat, and it is a real lesson in preservation that the caves were shut completely in 1963 to prevent the paintings’ deterioration and since then people have been attempting to find a way to continue to share them. Lascaux IV won’t open until 2015, but the article has really interesting concept art of the facility. Also, you’ll be given an “interactive torch and explorer’s cape” as you go through. What do you think of this type of a museum? What do you think of the method of preservation of complete closure and inaccessibility of the original?

Ancient Egyptian Cemetery Holds Proof of Hard Labor: This is definitely a case of the art from this time period not necessarily being all that truthful, at least for those in this cemetery buried during Pharaoh Akhenaten’s reign.

Montpelier Opens to Metal Detectors for First Time: I began to go into this in my latest Thoughts for Thursday, and this article and video goes along perfectly with it. What do you think about Montpelier becoming metal-detector-friendly?


For more stories, check out Bricks + Mortar’s This Week post.

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2 Responses to Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

  1. My husband is into metal detecting, so he was very excited about the Montpelier story. Abd bummed that he didn’t get to do it (but planning to find out how he can).

  2. I had not heard about the plans for the Lascaux museum, and it sounds as though it will be quite an experience for visitors!

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