Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here is a quick wrap-up of news that I think you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy!

300-year-old stolen headstone returned to Boston’s Old North Church: I love being able to feature a good news story about a cemetery, all too often cemetery stories are about vandalism or (lately) storm damage.  I’m highlighting this one because 50 years after the stone was stolen, the person who stole it shipped it back and it is now going back to its rightful place (and also nice that they know where that is). Thanks to the Gravestone Girls on Facebook for sharing this article!

Higgins Armory Museum to close after 82 Years: I never (with very rare exceptions) like to see museums close their doors, but this one hits home as this is a museum that many school kids go to for field trips, including myself, back when I was in the 6th grade. I remember it being awesome because of its suits of armor and other artifacts from that period.  The one silver lining to this is that the nearby Worcester Art Museum has the space, ability, and desire to take and exhibit the entire collection.

History in the Walls: A nice article about the interesting things that are found in the walls of old homes and buildings.  Have you found anything hidden in your walls?

Metropolitan Museum is Sued Over ‘Recommended’ Admission: As much as I love the Met, I have no problem giving them less money while telling the person handing me my ticket that I can’t afford the recommended $25 admission as I am recently out of school and looking for work and that someday I hope to return and actually give more than what is recommended someday.  Granted, I shouldn’t have to explain my reasoning, but I do.  What do you think, is a lawsuit really necessary?  Did you know their admission fee was only a recommended one?

The Man Who Demolished Shakespeare’s House: A rather lengthy, but interesting, overview of the preservation movement in Britain along with some wins and losses for its heritage.


For more, check out Bricks + Mortar’s This Week post.

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