Followup Friday

Occasionally when blogging, topics get dropped as new things pop up with the intention of going back to those topics at a later (but not too distant date).  That doesn’t always happen, so this new blog category, launched today, is my attempt to tie up some loose ends of my blog.

Back in November, I wrote House Tales, which featured the following house:

This house is from Cooperstown, NY.

This house is from Cooperstown, NY.

and the following unique feature:

Look closely in the two circles. What are those sticking out of the house?

Look closely in the two circles. What are those sticking out of the house?

Now, I had hoped  that someone would take a stab at guessing what is sticking out of the house and why, but I had no takers.  So in today’s Followup Friday, I’m going to tell you what these things are.

This particular house is reportedly haunted, and these things sticking out of the house are very large bolts.  Way back when, oh maybe 120 years ago, the newlywed couple that called this house home honeymooned in Newport, RI, where the wife had her portrait painted.  Unfortunately, she got terribly sick and died soon after this trip.  The grief-stricken husband placed the portrait of his wife on the stairs leading up to the bedroom so that he would always see her- first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  That part makes for a really sweet story, but it continues.

A handful of years later, this man remarried, and as you can imagine, his new wife was not so thrilled about having his first wife and lost love looking at her to and from the bedroom.  So when her husband went away to do business, she removed the painting from its place along the stairs and placed it in the basement.

BIG MISTAKE!  Rather than a painting at the top of the stairs, there was a GHOST!  The removal of the painting did not make its subject very happy, and she made her presence known to wife #2.  When the husband came home, he was furious that his second wife had unceremoniously removed the painting of his first wife, so he pulled this nearly life-size painting back up the stairs from the basement and back to its rightful place on the stairs where he bolted it into the exterior wall so that it could never be moved again.  The ghost disappeared after that, never to be seen again.

The house has changed hands several times and it is apparently written into the deed that the painting goes along with the house and that it must stay where it is forever.  Those bolts that appear out the side of the house help to keep it that way.  That, and the threat that the ghost could reappear if the painting is ever moved probably has something to do with it staying put too.

So what is your take on the story?  Have you ever seen anything like this elsewhere? As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 Responses to Followup Friday

  1. Fascinating story! But I never would have guessed that!

    • I wasn’t expecting anyone too, it’s definitely one of those things that you only find out on the ghost tour of the area (or if you pick up the book on the ghosts of the town); there were certain individuals I told not to cheat and give it away, lol (classmates from the school there). The original hope was that I’d just get some really fun stories, but some things you just can’t top. 🙂 Glad you liked the story!

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