Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here are some articles that you shouldn’t miss this week. Enjoy!

Is My Museum Lying to Me?: How do you feel about finding out that what you are looking at at a museum is a replica?  What if the museum doesn’t tell you and you find out some other way?

Shetland Ponies in Cardigans: What do you think about Scotland’s new tourism campaign? I think it’s adorable, and for me, very effective. How do you think a place should advertise itself to tourists?

Artifacts At Possible New Fire Station Site: This is local news for me. How would you respond to some of the comments about the artifacts being unimportant, and history being in the past?

Mass human sacrifice? Ancient skulls found in Mexican field: This is a good read on possible evidence of the largest ancient Mesoamerican mass human sacrifice.

Derelict 19th-Century Building Continues Its Decline: A nearly 200-year-old building damaged during Hurricane Sandy and ordered to be fixed could be a case of demolition-by-neglect.


For more stories, check out Bricks + Mortar’s This Week post.

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2 Responses to Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

  1. I feel duped when a museum or historic site represents something is authentic and I later find out that it is a reproduction.

    • There is definitely an element of feeling duped for me too. Depending on the strength of a place or it’s exhibition, I’m also not a fan of too many replicas, although I understand their need in most instances. It’s all in how they’re used too; you better believe that I was thrilled to be able to touch the reproduction Terra Cotta Warrior when it toured with the real things in 2010.

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