Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here are some news stories I think you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy!

Mayan temple damaged in tourist ‘apocalypse’ frenzy: The world didn’t end on 12/21/12 but the many who thought it could end and journeyed to Tikal for the event helped to damage the site.  Could this have been better handled by officials knowing that this destination would be popular way in advance?

Struggling to attract visitors, historic houses may face day of reckoning: Found this thanks to my friends at Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway, Virginia.  With so many historic house museums, many are finding it more difficult to stay afloat.  Some are turning to mobile apps in addition to the traditional tour.  The changing historic house museum model was a blog post topic of mine back in July; it’s time to restart the conversation so these places of history aren’t lost.  What else can be done to reverse the downward trend of visitation?  Are mobile apps the answer?

House of Elvis: Historic value of home may be dwindling: No, not Graceland, a house he rented for 7 months with his parents during his Army training at Fort Hood.  Some want to see it marked, others say it really isn’t significant enough.  I’m all for preserving ranch houses with ties to important people, but for me it has to meet the Criteria for the National Register or one of the exceptions, and this one just doesn’t do it for me.  Reading that it had modern replacement windows didn’t help its case either.  What do you think? Thanks to PlacePromo for posting the link to this article on your facebook page!

Hadrian’s hall: archaeologists finish excavation of Roman arts centre: A neat find thanks to a transit project, that is being altered because of the find.  They intended to construct an exit for the underground railway in this spot.  Is there a way that the two can coexist in close proximity?  That’s what everyone is trying to figure out right now.  They are calling it the most important Roman find in 80 years, since when the Forum was uncovered in the 1920s.

Body Under British Parking Lot May Be King Richard III: Results on if the body found truly is King Richard III will be released in January.  I’ll post an update to this when they do, but for now, this article provides a bit of history on exhuming the bodies of world leaders and other famous individuals.  Thanks to TAG Historical Research and Consulting for leading me to this and the Hadrian’s hall article.


For more stories, check out Bricks + Mortar’s This Week post.


Tomorrow there will be a special Shouldn’t Miss News featuring at least a couple Top 2012 Countdowns.

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2 Responses to Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

  1. I can’t wait to find out if it is really King Richard!

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