Thoughts for Thursday: On Vacation

Thoughts for Thursday was going to take a vacation for the holiday season, but that sentence, along with inspiration I will share in the New Year, got me thinking…If you could take a vacation to anywhere, where would you go? Would the destination be historical? Urban? Natural? Rural? Far away or close to home?

Why would you go there?

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

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4 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday: On Vacation

  1. On my next vacation, I would like to go to Virginia… or Washington D.C…. or Spain… or where I used to live in Chile… or San Francisco… or Vicksburg… or Italy… or an African photo safari… I’m all about visiting the historical sites. My list is endless, now I just need the cash! Happy New Year!

  2. Alaska…Hawaii…Italy…Japan…New Zealand — I could go on and on. A mix of history and nature.

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