Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

Here are five articles I’ve come across this week that you shouldn’t miss.  Enjoy!

Behind the scenes with holiday decorator at the Newport mansions: Sure, the mansions never looked like this for Christmas when their original owners lived there, they were summer homes. This gives decorators near free-rein to celebrate the season without worry of historical accuracy. It’s quite a bit of work though, read the article to find out more.

Study to analyze economic impacts of historic preservation: Announcement of a Utah focused study by PlaceEconomics, but what they learn will definitely give insight to areas across the country.

Culture in the Cross Hairs: An interesting op-ed from the New York Times about protecting heritage and culture, from sites to artifacts, in uncertain and dangerous times in different parts of the world.

Scent of a building: An article on olfactory architecture. Yes, you read right, and it ties into perfume, food, and grocery stores. Well worth the read.

Help Us Find America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2013: I mentioned this on my Facebook page already this week, but it deserves the additional mention here.  The National Trust for Historic Preservation is looking for nominations for its 2013 11 Most Endangered List.  Is there a place that matters to you that you would like to see receive this designation?


For more interesting stories, including an article on a cool way to experience Route 66, head on over to Bricks + Mortar’s blog and read this week’s edition of This Week.

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