Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

I come across many interesting news pieces over the course of a week. In not wanting to fill up the Facebook newsfeeds of those who like my page (many stories I end up coming across in the same day) and to not delay my sharing them by blogging about them individually, here is a quick recap of this week’s stories that you shouldn’t miss.


Tombstone gives photographer his due, ends long search: A good story about following one’s research and passion all the way to the end.

Museum interviews 9-year-old for head curator job: You read that right. How wonderful of the museum to let the boy pursue his dream. I truly hope to see him as the head of the museum someday.

Civil War battle rises from Old Fredericksburg: What a great archaeological find.

Long march of the preservationists: I don’t always agree with what this columnist writes, but I think this article is very interesting and brought up good points about context within historic districts when new construction is involved.

Internship opportunity at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum: Now accepting applications. For college and grad school students. I took part in this internship in 2009 and had an amazing summer.  If museums or baseball are you thing, definitely check it out. Apply by January 31st.


If you enjoyed these stories, head on over to Bricks + Mortar’s blog for Friday’s This Week feature for more stories, including one article about the AT&T commercial that features the fireplace face.

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3 Responses to Shouldn’t Miss News of the Week

  1. Great articles! Reading them greatly improved this Monday morning. And thank you for the shout out!

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