Thoughts for Thursday: Toys

Today two toys were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, chosen from 12 finalists.  You can read the MSN article on their induction here.  These two toys, Dominoes and  Star Wars action figures, join 49 others already in the Hall, including the stick (2008), the ball (2009), the box (2005), and Barbie (1998). For a full list click here. The National Toy Hall of Fame is housed at The National Museum of Play. Both are under the larger umbrella of The Strong in Rochester, NY.

The 10 nominees that did not win this year are: Clue, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Lite-Brite, Little Green Army Men, the Magic 8 Ball, the Pogo Stick, Sidewalk Chalk, Simon, the Tea Set, and Twister.

Before the National Toy Hall of Fame announced the results, it ran an informal poll on its website to get the public’s opinion on which toys should win.  The Star Wars action figures won with 33%, closely followed by Little Green Army Men with 28%. Dominoes received only 2.6% of the vote.  The public vote does not count, however, as winners are decided by a committee of “historians, educators, and other individuals who exemplify learning, creativity, and discovery through their lives and careers.” Each member must submit an essay on why his or her 2 choices should be inducted.

Did the National Toy Hall of Fame get it right, or do you think a different toy should have been inducted? Check out the list of all inducted toys, is there another you would like to see in the Hall of Fame? What is your opinion on the National Toy Hall of Fame overall?

I’m also conducting a poll over at the Preservation and Place facebook page to get a glimpse of which of the 10 other toys nominated would have been inducted had we been voting this year. Please click on over to the page and vote.

Next week, I’ll share my opinions in Part 2 of this Thought for Thursday.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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4 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday: Toys

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  2. The tea set and the little green army men before the Star War figures. And maybe even before the dominos. Going over to facebook to vote now….

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