Food Trucks and the Community

This is a continuation of Thoughts for Thursday from November 2nd about food trucks and the community, but as this is not a Thursday, I have dropped the Thoughts for Thursday from the title of this post.

I am loving how food trucks have embraced social media, especially Twitter, to connect with foodie followers.  I’ve been away from Columbus for a few months now, but I won’t stop following the food trucks from there.  It makes me jealous to see food pictures or find out that they are set up around the corner from where I had lived, but I want to support these awesome ventures even if it is from away.

The Tatoheads Truck at an event in Columbus, Ohio. My first food truck experience.

Pulled Chicken Curry Fries from the Tatoheads truck. Amazing flavor combination.

We all know that a lot can change within a year.  Last year when I left Rhode Island for Columbus, Ohio, I can recall of only one food truck around—it came to my college campus and the school paid for everyone’s hot dogs. (I literally just remembered that, in my last food truck post I couldn’t remember any.)  Now that I’m back in Rhode Island, I follow a handful of trucks on Twitter that are based in Providence, which has just been named #4 in the U.S. for food trucks by Travel + Leisure magazine.

On top of that there are organizations like Food Truck Festivals of New England that plan massive gatherings of food trucks in a given area.  I attended the festival in Newport this year, and although I would have loved shorter lines so I could have gone to more trucks (ooh, or maybe ready-made samples!), I thought the event was well run.  I also think it’s great that these festivals are bringing trucks to areas that don’t have as much of a food truck presence.

Now there are concerns with the rise of food trucks, and it is these concerns that I will discuss in the next installment of Food Trucks and the Community.

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