Sandy and Halloween

I am happy to say that my power is back on and my family and my house are all okay after Hurricane Sandy.  I have only been able to see photographs of the devastation in New Jersey, parts of New York, and the southern coast of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and elsewhere for the last few hours, and my heart goes out to everyone who was hit by this extreme force of nature.  I know that I am lucky.  Had the path of the storm been different and hit Rhode Island head on, I know I would not have a house anymore as my neighborhood was practically wiped out in the Hurricane of 1938.  It won’t be easy, but I wish these hard hit areas as full of a recovery as possible.

Tonight is also obviously Halloween, even if your area has postponed the Trick or Treating due to weather, loss of power, or to prevent kids from being out late on a school night (Yes, that happens in some places; I was a bit surprised when I learned this last year.).  We rarely have kids come around on Halloween anymore, there are so few around that they closed the neighborhood elementary school seven or eight years ago.

Although this happened because of a devastating storm, I wanted to share with you a rather neat article that is fitting for the day given that it is about a skeleton.  Read on about the 200-year-old New Haven, CT skeleton here.

Take care everyone, and if you are able, have a Happy Halloween.

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2 Responses to Sandy and Halloween

  1. Glad you weathered the storm ok. Very interesting story about the skeleton- thanks for sharing!

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