In Honor of “Visit a Cemetery Day”

A busy day prepping for Hurricane Sandy prevented me from heading out to visit a cemetery today.  I have been wanting to post a few pictures of a graveyard I visited two weeks ago, so in honor of “Visit a Cemetery Day,” here are some photographs of that graveyard.

Located in Richmond, RI, the cemetery sign still has the graveyard listed as RI Cemetery 37.  I’m not sure when the switch happened, but cemeteries are now referenced by the town. This graveyard is now RD 37, the Lewis-Card Lot, the RD is the abbreviation for Richmond.

The signs (and signposts) have also undergone a facelift since this one was erected.

An overview of the front half.

Overview of the back half.

The graveyard is a neat mix of plain field stones, unprofessionally carved field stones (with text only), and professionally carved stones (which are later than the other two types). The foot stones remain as well, which was also nice to see.

This wall partially encloses the graveyard on two sides.

The graveyard certainly isn’t in the greatest shape with severely uneven ground (likely tree roots pushing up on caskets), bushes left to grow wild and spread, stones broken, and as, the two field stone examples show, at some point someone either painted or charcoaled the inscriptions to make them stand out.  This is not the case with all of the inscribed field stones but a good percentage of them, which is definitely not a recommended practice.  I’ve seen worse, however, and I know many of you have as well.

An album with more photos of this graveyard are up on my Facebook Page.


For those of you waiting for Sandy, stay safe!

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1 Response to In Honor of “Visit a Cemetery Day”

  1. What a beautiful place. Hope you are weathering the storm ok.

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