Visit a Cemetery Day and Other News

I learned yesterday that tomorrow is the Second Annual “Visit a Cemetery Day” and I had to spread the word.  From what I can tell, the day is promoted by, International Memorialization Supplier Organization (IMSA), Kates-Boylston Publications and American Cemetery Magazine.  The sidebar ad which announced this day took me to a page on  Overall, I like that this is an event, not that I need a special day to visit a cemetery, but if it gets others in cemeteries to appreciate them, then that is a good thing.  What do you think about the day being so close to Halloween?

So will you be visiting a cemetery in honor of the day?  In all honesty, I likely will not get to one, as I will be prepping for some sort of impact from Hurricane Sandy.

As I won’t be in a cemetery for “Visit a Cemetery Day,” I will post pictures of a small graveyard I just had to stop at last week. You’ll see why when I post them tomorrow.


Speaking of pictures, the Preservation and Place Facebook Page now has bonus photos from the Newport Food Truck Festival I attended last week.  A few need a bit of editing, so those will get swapped out eventually, but I didn’t want to delay their being posted overall.

The Facebook Page has been active for one month now, thanks to everyone who has stopped by to check it out, and a big thank you to all who have liked the page.  I do post bonus photo albums and links to on-topic articles and webpages, so it’s not a rehashing of the blog, so if you haven’t gone to look at it, please do.


For anyone who has already been hit by the storm, I hope you are okay! For anyone in the storm’s path over the next few days, be careful and stay safe!

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2 Responses to Visit a Cemetery Day and Other News

  1. I love cemeteries. But we’re in the path of Hurricane Sandy too, so will probably give it a pass tomorrow. May make the effort today, though.

  2. I wonder if there will be greeting cards like for Halloween for people to send out to commemorate “Visit a Cemetery Day”!? I have to admit I have not heard this mentioned anywhere else before. Actually, when you think about it, Memorial Day is basically the one national holiday that honors the war dead in particular. I’ve always thought we also need a national holiday to honor all the deceased — veterans or not. I know I just sort of combine that concept on Memorial Day. I think a “visit a cemetery day” should fall in a late Spring, Summer or early Fall day when there is a greater chance the weather forces will be with us for being outside.

    Late Fall isn’t as good due to the volatile weather which we are experiencing right now.

    Yes, even here in NE Ohio, we will receive some of the remnants of hurricane Sandy and the smackdown with the other cold air storm coming in from the West when the two merge probably over our heads in the next couple of days!

    Wikipedia: “All Souls Day”:

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