Thoughts for Thursday

This Thoughts for Thursday is inspired by the Newport Food Truck Festival that I attended on Saturday at the Newport Yachting Center in Newport, Rhode Island.  Food Truck Festivals of New England organized and ran the event.  I have been meaning to blog about the topic of food trucks for a while, but the event and my getting photos while there makes this a good time to write about the food truck movement.

Food Trucks are everywhere these days, even Food Network has a show dedicated to them.  There are also smart phone apps to track trucks in a certain area.  While many hail their appearance as an increase in food variety in a given area, a convenience, and a good deal, others worry that they could be damaging to bricks and mortar restaurants.  Some cities are enacting legislation on where food trucks can park and for how long.

As with my first Thoughts for Thursday, I’ll pose some questions this week to start a discussion, and next week I’ll continue the topic with my thoughts.

So here are this week’s questions.

Have you eaten from a Food Truck?  What was your experience like-an event, somewhere downtown on a lunch hour, did a truck come to your workplace?  Did you like the food?  How were the prices?  Was the experience what you expected?

Where do you stand on the rise of Food Trucks?  Do you think they benefit a community, do you think they harm it, or do you think they do not change a community at all?

Are there other questions I should be asking?

To get your ideas flowing here are just a couple of pictures from the food truck event I attended on Saturday.

A view looking at the crowd towards the entrance. I wanted to get a picture of the event sign.

The event wrapped around the Yachting Center in a U shape. I was glad to get the driver’s side of these trucks as sometimes the art on them is really neat.

Truffle fries. YUM!

The Plouf Plouf Truck where I bought the truffle fries.

There will be additional photos from the event on my Facebook page late tonight, so check those out in a few hours.

That’s it for now, I hope to hear from you all.

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7 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday

  1. I’m all for food trucks. There are several in my town that have amazing food and good prices. The one I go to most frequently, keeps the same hours in the same place everyday but they are closed (and driven away) on Sundays. I’m not worried that they will push restaurants out – there will always be people who want the atmosphere of a sit down restaurant. I think there’s room for everybody!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Do you find that when a truck has regular hours at the same place daily it develops more of a following, or would you go to wherever the truck went if it moved around?

      • I would probably do better with a truck that stays in the same place. I do a lot of walking and not much driving, so if they move, I never know where – just that they aren’t where I am!

  2. I’m for food trucks too. They’ve suddenly surrounded my office building at lunch (slightly off the beaten path) and its nice to have an alternative to crowded brick-and-mortar places. Its a good opportunity for people who want to go into the food business but can’t afford restaurant space or staff. And they can be (although, like restaurants, some are good and some aren’t) quite tasty — lots of ethnic options, which I love. Prices are like any other carryout. I agree with Wine and History: there’s room for everybody.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Do the trucks park in the lot at your office or are they just close by? Are they regularly the same trucks that go? Every Wednesday one food truck would go to the Ohio History Center where I did my AmeriCorps service this past year. It wasn’t always the same truck. If one didn’t bring lunch from home, the closest three places to eat were all fast food and sit down places were just far enough that one needed more than an hour to go sit down. I think food wise, Wednesdays were the highlight because of the added option.

      • They’re on the street and they’re usually the same ones but on different days (A, B and C on Mondays, D,E and F on Tuesdays…). I usually don’t buy lunch — I’m a left-overs from home kind of gal — but its a treat when I do.

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