Thoughts for Thursday

Trying something new today with Thought for Thursday.  It may not appear every week, but semi-regularly at least.  In this feature I’ll pose a question to get you all involved because I love interacting with you all.  It may not be something I’ve given much thought on, so the question will usually stand alone for the post, and by the next Thursday I’ll have done research on the subject and taken your thoughts into account to write a full post on the topic.  It could be fun, so let’s try it.

For now, I’ve covered all I am going to on QR Codes in Cemeteries until I work on a project with them (which could be in the next couple of months), and I have enjoyed reading all of your thoughts on that topic both here and elsewhere.  The subject got me wondering about other cemetery activities involving technology, this time geocaching.

What are your opinions on geocaching in cemeteries?  Is it a complete no-no, or are you okay with it as long as certain guidelines are followed?  Have you geocached before?  Have you found or hidden a cache in a cemetery?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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5 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday

  1. I have a rant about graveyard caches, I love doing them, reading the gravestones and enjoying the quiet of these places, I just believe in common sense when hiding one or finding one in a graveyard

  2. I’m an avid cacher and I am not at all a fan of cemetery caches. Just like the idea of QR codes in cemeteries, they offend my (perhaps stodgy) sense of decorum.

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