A New Look

Hi Everyone!

If you are new to my blog, you won’t notice the background color change or the change to the top photograph, and if you aren’t new to my blog, I hope you like those two minor changes.  The top photograph has gone from cows to a cemetery and now an art festival  (that will eventually become a blog post).

The one bigger change is the menu bar beneath the picture, so I wanted to just give a quick tour so that one can find things that have moved.  “Home” has stayed the same, it will just bring you back to the blog’s front page if you are elsewhere. “About Me” is now a drop down option in addition to a link.  I have provided contact information, my CV, and a list of services that I can provide in the historic preservation/museum realm if you are so inclined to want me to work on a project. “About the Blog” has stayed the same.  “Frequently Blogged Topics” is a drop down taking you to “Cemeteries” and “Exploration” where individual posts on those subjects are linked.  I hope those changes keep the menu area clean, while still being functional to you all.

Also, don’t forget to like my Facebook page.  There are bonus photographs, sneak peeks of upcoming posts, and other updates of interest that I’ve pulled from across the internet.

Thank you for stopping by, reading, commenting, liking posts, and following my blog.  I appreciate it!

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