A Cemetery Surprise

This is an example of a cemetery exploration that resulted in having a few spare minutes and making another person take me to a cemetery to look around (thanks mom!).  This cemetery is the Quidnessett Memorial Cemetery in North Kingstown, RI.  I definitely did not get to see it all given the short amount of time I spent there, and as my goal was to find the oldest stones there, I’ll have to go back and get more pictures.

I found them in Section 29. I’m not fully sure if all individual stones are original to that location as the cemetery was founded for both new burials and as a repository for disturbed graveyards (from farming mostly) back in 1902. Given the age of the stones, orientation on the landscape, and that they are almost all set in concrete, I doubt it. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to have the stones.

These were my favorite stones, also the oldest I saw.

Now on to this surprise.  Quidnessett Memorial Cemetery is a peaceful place, and no one else was there at the time.  The cemetery allows decorations at stones, and given the time of year, I spotted many pumpkins.  As I remarked to my mom that it would be great to be a squirrel there, as they always end up with the pumpkins I put out on the step, we spotted a family of three deer!  We just sat in the car with the windows open taking pictures and keeping very quiet. Here are a couple of the best.

It really was a special few moments.  Watching the deer kept us at the cemetery longer than intended (not that we minded), so after they went back into the woods we left, with the desire to go back in the future for further exploration.


More pictures from Quidnessett Memorial Cemetery will be placed on my Facebook page tomorrow.  The link and Like button to the page can now be found in this blog’s sidebar.  Thank you to those who have already stopped by and liked my page.  What do you think so far?

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