Main Street Part 2

Finally!  The continuation of my post on Main Street is here.  This post will introduce you to the vacant lot that was once a gas station.  First a bird’s eye view of the lot thanks to Google Earth. I added the red line around the lot in question. Clicking on it will enlarge the image.

Google took this image back in April of this year.  Since then the gas pumps have come down, leaving just the building.  To set the stage, the lot is at a 4-way intersection. North (relatively, anyway) is a tiny gas station, northeast is a condo/office lot (when I was growing up it was also a gas station), east is an office building which usually holds a real estate or insurance office. South of that office building, also across the street from the lot is a Dunkin Donuts. Main Street runs SW to NE in the picture, with the traditional Main Street starting a good 500′ to the northeast.  More on this in the next post in this series.

This series was inspired by an article in my local Patch, which asked readers what the lot should have.  There were many suggestions, some feasible and others just not possible in this relatively tiny lot.  It was great to see the reaction of members of the local community to this question.

Here is the link to the article.  Please read it and the comments as well.  There are also a few pictures of the lot as it is now.

Part 3 of this Main Street series will address my opinions on what this site should be, so stay tuned.

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