QR Codes in Cemeteries Update

I want to thank everyone who read, tweeted, Facebooked, linked back to, and responded to my last blog post on QR Codes.  I have enjoyed interacting with all of you and will respond to some of you soon, perhaps even before you read this post.  I happened to be home earlier this week to catch the fourth hour of the Today Show, which is hosted by Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford.  In the early part of the show they sit and talk about some news tidbits.  Well to my surprise they begin to talk about QR Codes on headstones!  What timing!  I unfortunately haven’t been able to find a clip of it, but that’s okay, the only issue brought up was Kathie Lee being worried about what would be accessible through the code and who would be the one compiling that info.  If it was something I wanted on my headstone, you better believe that either I would have it all set to go or would have appointed a trustworthy member of my family or a good friend to do so.

Would you have a QR Code on your headstone, columbarium space, or mausoleum space?  What would you link to your QR Code?

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