Cemetery Exploration: Adena

Soon after visiting the cemetery in Piqua, OH, I got the chance to see the Worthington Family Cemetery at the Adena Mansion in Chilicothe. It has an interesting history, but first a picture.


Really not much to look at. Here is the sign before you enter the space, which gives the history.


So the Worthingtons are no longer buried there, although the help and some neighbors are, but the stone to mark the little granddaughters’ one-time resting places is still there. Here’s a couple of pictures of it; it is the only stone visible.




Given its size, I wonder if it was always just this singular stone, or if it had something like an obelisk atop of it.  I can see why it got left behind, definitely way too big and heavy.

There is another stone too, unfortunately a tree has grow up around it, see?


So who knows what is on this stone.

There are no other stones, at least no others like this with the striations. There maybe a very sunken field stone or two, above ground only an inch or so, but nothing definitive.

The cemetery presents an interesting history, and I wonder if just a sign does it justice.  How would you present this place? How would you like to see it preserved?

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7 Responses to Cemetery Exploration: Adena

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Interesting story and great photos. I’m fascinated by old cemeteries, especially ones tucked away in the city.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    What’s with the cemeteries?? ! I just got off Chattermaster’s blog, & I see more cemeteries! 🙂
    It is interesting though, I’ve got to say. I mean,that’s where we end up. Wow. Walking alongside it one day, dead beneath the next.

    There is zero doubt, it is fascinating. A good write-up.

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