Roadside Landmarks

When you are on the road a lot, as I have been over the last 10 months throughout Ohio, certain sights on the road become landmarks, signifying some sort of marked progress on your journey.  For me, one such landmark signified being out on the road, either 40 minutes into my trip or 40 minutes away from home.  This landmark is the Longaberger Basket Company Headquarters.  Located in Newark, Ohio on State Route 16, the building is in the shape of a Medium Market Basket only 160 times larger.  I came to look forward to seeing this basket on my trips.  I love this type of roadside architecture.  Many of the examples I have traveled by are from an earlier time, but this was built between 1995 and 1997, which I think also makes it special.

Ready for pictures?




To learn more about the building go here: Longaberger Home Office.

Now what is my landmark for knowing that I am close to home in RI? Stay tuned for the reveal in an upcoming post.

What are your local landmarks?

P.S. I was not driving when these photos were taken, just the passenger.  Always pull over to the side of the road to photograph things if you are the one driving.

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