Lighter Side: Architect Barbie

Had a busy day visiting a historic church (pictures in a post soon), so today I will keep this light and short.  That and I wanted to see what you all think of one of the latest Barbies: Architect Barbie! See her here: Mattel Creates ‘Architect Barbie’.

What do you think? She certainly makes it seem glamorous, which was the point so that it would appeal to the marketplace. I happen to agree with this article, Girl Talk from Dwell, on the question of where are her flats!?

Back when I played with Barbie, which wasn’t a humongous window of time in my childhood, I would have loved to know that girls could be architects, anthropologists, archaeologists, curators, historic preservationists, etc.

I think she would have been one of my favorites growing up as a kid, right behind Archaeologist Barbie and Historic Preservationist Barbie…if they had those.  Are you listening Mattel?  What would those look like?

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