In Memory

My heart goes out to all of those suffering as a result of the horror that occurred at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO.  It is not a tragedy limited to Aurora or to Colorado.  The news in Columbus, Ohio where I live currently has been reporting on the 3 Ohio natives who were shot – 2 injured and 1 killed.  It is something that one can not begin to wrap one’s head around.

The movies are a communal place, there is supposed to be a camaraderie among those who camp out and wait for midnight showings and there often is.  The movies are supposed to be a place to escape the world for as little as an hour to nearly three hours depending on the show.

They are supposed to be safe places, and when something like this happens it shatters that safety, and makes us reassess our lives and our places.  We will recover as much as possible from this and people will return to the movies.  As we do, let’s just hold our loved ones a little tighter, say what we feel, and not take the people in our lives or our community for granted.

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