Lighter Side: Accurate? You Decide

In general, I’m going to try to keep this a casual blog that focuses on topics relevant to the blog’s name with additional items of interest on museums, my travels, and maybe even a book review if I happen to love the book. Occasionally however, it does not hurt to divert for a day to look at the lighter side of these topics.  Today is one of those days, and I hope that it causes a discussion among those who read this blog.

You may have seen this already, but I only came across this yesterday on Facebook.  It was posted by Adirondack Architectural Heritage and created by Lucinda Philumalee and Nicholas Redding.  I find it quite amusing, but what do you think?  Can you come up with other examples? Even if you are not a historic preservationist, and I know that not all of you are, does this fall in line with what you think of the profession?


Personally, I don’t think my desk looks that bad (I do know some people with desks like this though), but then again once you open up the center draw one could become overwhelmed by the post it notes all over everything, including other post its.

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