Exploration: Zoar Village

As promised in yesterday’s reblog post from the Ohio Historical Society’s blog about Zoar Village making the list of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, here are my pictures from my day in there.

In addition each picture is linked to a different website pertaining to Zoar Village ranging from news articles to HABS drawings and more.



The Zoar Hotel, now an Ohio Historical Society building.


The Gardener’s House, Greenhouse, and Garden. The garden is located in the center of the village and is very geometric in design.


The Number One House, originally home to Zoar’s religious leader, Joseph Bimeler and a few other families.


The Tin Shop. A reconstruction of the original. LOVE the brick nogging!


The Zoar Store still functions as the Zoar Community Associations tourist center and gift shop. Items inside include locally made goods.


The Bimeler Museum sustained some of the worst damage during village flooding in 2005 and 2008.


The foundation of Zoar’s Cow Barn. The barn was destroyed in 1980 during a severe storm.


The Dining Room, Kitchen, and Laundry Buildings with the Magazine and Number One House in the background. A number of buildings in Zoar share walls like these ones do.


The Dairy. Zoar was famous for its cheese.

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2 Responses to Exploration: Zoar Village

  1. Very interesting – I had never heard of this place before, but I’m sure it was a fascinating visit.

  2. Before coming to Ohio, I had never heard of it either. It really is a great little village, neat how some buildings are now part of a historic site and open to the public and are mixed among those that are still lived in – some residents being descendents of the original Zoar settlers. It really would be a shame to see this village underwater.

    Thanks for reading!

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