Green Building: 1930s Edition

Through my travels across Ohio, I’ve gotten to explore some pretty neat places, and also some seemingly ordinary places…seemingly being the key word. Take for example this barn:


It’s a relatively standard Erie Shore Barn built around 1933. Sure it needs a bit of work, some new glass panes and paint especially, but it held a surprise inside.

Reused boards for its ceiling rafters on its lower level! It’s green building with reused, but perfectly good materials, years before it became trendy or even recognized with the term green. I’m sure it occurred quite often, best to not let good materials go to waste, but what I really wanted to point out are those boards with traces of paint.




Were they a sign once? Were they advertising on the exterior of a different building at one point? Were they all part of the same sign or building? What do you think?

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One Response to Green Building: 1930s Edition

  1. Very neat! Makes me miss playing in my grandmother’s barn in Michigan – lots of fond memories.

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