Protecting Place: Leo Petroglyph Edition

So you’ve seen the cows across the street, now today you will get to see Leo Petroglyph.  Leo Petroglyph is located in Jackson, Ohio and is an Ohio Historical Society State Memorial comprised of about 12 acres of land with trails, rock cliffs, footbridges, tons of trees and flowers, a shelter house built by the state around 1935 (not a New Deal project although the CCC and WPA worked on projects there), and a small picnic area.

Oh, and there’s Leo Petroglyph, of course.  It’s a large sandstone with roughly 37 petroglyphs on it with shapes and figures ranging from:

Bear Tracks:

To A Crazy Duck:

To Leo:

Cute, isn’t he?

No one is really sure what any of these symbols mean, just that they were likely put there by the Fort Ancients between 1000 and 1650 AD.

It’s a very nice site in a rural area but is quite popular.  The site is unstaffed, but it is managed by The Friends of Buckeye Furnace, a site partner for OHS that oversees the care of Leo Petroglyph and nearby Buckeye Furnace.  There are volunteers who make regular rounds of the site, but one of the difficulties of unstaffed sites, at Leo Petroglyph and elsewhere, is vandalism.  It’s disheartening to see these places marred by the bored, the ignorant, or worse the purposeful.  You can read more about how graffiti is combatted at Leo Petroglyph here on the Ohio Archaeology Blog.

If you went on to read the post about the graffiti removal in April, it’s disappointing to say that it was re-vandalized not long after…more spray paint on the cave walls.  How do we protect our historic places of importance?

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3 Responses to Protecting Place: Leo Petroglyph Edition

  1. Preservation and Place says:

    I for some reason couldn’t get more than 3 photos to load for this post, so look for a few more in tomorrow’s post.

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  3. tina says:

    we go out there alot and i take pic. i think it is hunted is it

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